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Here you can read testimonials from some of the many clients FixIT has helped since 2001:

“David Needham is our secret weapon. He is an absolute gem and a gentleman, expertly and resolutely managing to resolve any IT issues we throw at him. Due to business circumstances, we required David to undergo rigorous security checks and as such can be confident that David is a genuine and trusted professional. This intrusion on his own privacy was extensive, but David went along with it in his usual calm manner and with just a bit of humour!

David has resolved so many issues over the last 15+ years, including laptops, mobile phones, Apple and Microsoft devices, cleaning and securing data, set up of software, email issues across countries, in-house software issues, resolving and teaching colleagues, parents, my husband and me and many, many more issues too long to list. David always goes the extra mile, often having to talk with people in other time zones to resolve issues with our businesses overseas. He will always ensure that the job is finished satisfactorily and is left resolved, coming back to us if he has thought of a better resolution.

I could not recommend him highly enough in a space that is often full of hacks. I would not recommend anyone other than David to anyone who asked for an IT specialist in any sphere.”

Amanda Henricks

Business Owner/Family Co-Ordinator

“David has looked after my IT for twenty years. He is extremely knowledgeable and professional. He also has the patience of a saint, an essential attribute when dealing with IT refuseniks like me. Nothing is too much trouble. He has answered countless SOSs at short notice over the years always successfully and with endless good humour. I am delighted to recommend his services.”

George Hamilton

“David Needham has supported our organisation for more than 12 years. During that time, he has provided absolutely consistent and reliable IT advice and assistance, sometimes at very short notice. Our databases contain highly confidential material, and David has ensured that our systems and processes are secure and well-protected from cyber intruders. He designed our original website with ingenuity and flair, and has since maintained it so that it is always up-to-date.

No enquiry is too small, and no request for help goes unheeded. David combines first-class technical support with a warm, friendly and approachable manner, and we feel very fortunate in being able to call on him: I would have no hesitation in recommending his services.”


CEO, leading UK foundation

“David has been a great supporter of our companies for 22 years. He is highly capable and extremely knowledgeable in his field of expertise. David is also a forward-thinking problem solver, possessing brilliant interpersonal skills, dealing with different personalities and levels of IT competence with immense patience. He is wholly professional and reliable and always finishes the job with successful outcomes, often having to work the long hours required in the cutting-edge finance industry.  We couldn’t recommend David more highly and are happy to provide a reference from our company.”

Seig de Vater, CEO & Marguerite Weber, CAO

The Ton and Debrecks Marketing

“About 16 or 17 years ago, I was having dinner with very good friends at their lovely Belgravia home. For some reason I asked whether or not they knew a good IT person who could help me with my computer skills, as well as taking care of the usual IT issues that arise from time to time. The wife looked at her husband and paused for a while, almost as if she were protecting a well-guarded, family secret.  After exchanging a whisper or two with her husband she finally said, ‘yes, you should give David Needham a call.’

I did, and as far as I’m concerned there is no reason to call anyone else. David has amazing patience and understanding, aside from an absolutely photographic memory for the workings of the individual systems of his clients.

I thank David for keeping my life, as well as my business, running the way it should.”

Richard Adams

“David came on board when the team member who used to manage IT left the business, so we brought him in to give us support, and it was one of the best decisions we ever took.

Working with David has been great on so many levels. He quickly got a full grasp of what was important for the business and the appetite we had to improve vs just maintain the systems we had. He’s very commercial and happy to adapt to needs and requirements. He’s also great to deal with when something does go wrong or we need help. His patience and calm approach is amazing and really helps the users who might be having an issue and sometimes a panic. He’s also always timely and pragmatic, which is great as you feel he cares about solving the issue as if it was his business.

Professional, timely, committed and personable — I couldn’t recommend David enough!”


COO, international bakery chain

“We were introduced to David Needham by one of the Directors of the company, who rated him as a calm, conscientious and trustworthy IT professional. She was right on all accounts. David has always been fun to work with – we have a lot of laughs as he ponders our issues and tries to figure out how to resolve the many mishaps we have with IT, and our computers and software, mostly at our main office in Hong Kong.

It has been a blessing for us that he is calm when we call him with an ‘urgent need for help!’ He always makes himself available to us, which we appreciate beyond what he will know. He has saved us from many a hairy moment. David is very professional, well-mannered and presents incredibly well, and has a good and often dry sense of humour, which is key when dealing with such diverse clients!

From a business perspective, he is absolutely ‘Gold Standard’ in IT resolution: whether hardware or software, from the well-known to the obscure, David will go all-out to find the best way forward for you.

Highly Recommended (In Fact the only Recommendation)”

Sheriden Jones

Chicken on the Run (HK/UK)

“David has been providing IT advice to me in my professional consultancy business for more than 20 years, helping to navigate through many changes of hardware and software and responding promptly and calmly to calls for help with day-to-day issues. He has been a knowledgeable, reliable and trustworthy resource, and a pleasure to deal with. I am very glad to recommend his services.”

GD Morrison

“David was recommended to me by a friend about twelve years ago when I needed to have a new desktop computer set up. Since then, he has also set up several laptops for me, and given a great deal of follow-up advice over the telephone. He is punctual, impeccably polite, as well as being very efficient, dedicated and discreet. In all the time that I have been his client, his already very competitive fees have hardly gone up at all. I cannot now imagine using anyone else’s services in this area, and have no hesitation in recommending him.”

Timothy Ashurst

Domestic client since 2011

“David was recommended to me by a friend many years ago and has been invaluable ever since.

I am of the generation not brought up with IT or any form of keyboards or typewriters, and am entirely self-taught. David on his visits has been a huge help, patiently advising me and making everything so clear.

He has advised on buying new equipment, setting it up, transferring files etc. and checking for security issues.

He always returns calls promptly, and visits as soon as possible or solves problems by phone.

I have not hesitated to give his details to other friends who have been extremely grateful.”

Geoffrey Hugall

“David has been very efficient and professional in dealing with the IT issues in our company, and I am consequently happy to recommend his services to anyone having to deal with this kind of situation.”

Claude L'Heveder

CEO, Minerva Capital Partners Ltd

“Operating independently while travelling with a laptop and relying on e-communications and the Internet is a great life – until the time comes for upgrading and updating, when life becomes a stress-laden nightmare.

But this time it was different: David Needham guided me through selection of hardware and software, dealt with all the installation and set-up, and patiently and efficiently resolved the many different questions and problems that inevitably arise when one changes systems. He also ironed out various irritating idiosyncrasies from my previous system that I had reluctantly learnt to live with.

I strongly recommend the experience!”

John Simpson

“Before David came to the rescue, I could not even turn on a laptop. David was incredibly patient, and at no point did I feel embarrassed or shy to ask ‘How do I send an email?’ or ‘How do I open an email?’ etc. Now thanks to David, I am downloading digital photos and emailing them around the world! I can’t recommend David Needham highly enough.”

Mark Crosthwaite-Eyre

“I am pleased to recommend the services, skills and approach of David Needham. He set up my new notebook, and installed all necessary systems, add-ons and protection, as well as improving my own computer skills.”

Boris A. Nachamkin

Managing Director, Seatrust Shipping Services Ltd. / ex-Bankers Trust Co