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Our Services

Our comprehensive range of support includes all computers, phones and tablets, together with networks, smart home devices, television, audio… even kitchen appliances still flashing “12:00”!

All levels of knowledge and problem are welcome, from beginners with their first device, to companies and experienced users with specific technical requirements.

Our services include:

Expert support and repairs for all PCs, Macs, laptops, phones and iPads/tablets

Set up of new computers and other devices, with transfer of information

Regular maintenance and updates of computer systems

Speed improvements of older, slow computers

Trusted advice on purchases and upgrades

Corporate IT consultancy on large-scale projects

One-to-one training on all IT topics

Wireless network set-up and troubleshooting

Virus removal, security health checks and data recovery

Installation of small office networks

Website design and maintenance

Set up of printers, cameras and much more

Expert, integrated and complete IT support for your home and business